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1st International CRA Conference

International CRA Congres

Please click on the banner to find more information regarding this international CRA conference organized by Springer publishers (BSL) in The Netherlands. You are kindly invited to submit an abstract to apply for a lecture or workshop. Click on the button for more details.


ATVs and PAL as evaluation instruments


There is an article by Boukje Dijkstra & Hendrik Roozen about the role of the CRA Satisfaction List (ATV) and the Pleasant Activities List (PAL) and evaluation instruments. This article is published in the journal “Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment (2012)”. Click this link for more information.

Implementation of A-CRA

In March 2012, Robert J. Meyers comes to the Netherlands for a number of ACRA and CRAFT workshops for the employees of Novadic-Kentron and IrisZorg. These workshops will be held in Vught, Nijmegen and Huissen.

CRA Conference in the Netherlands: March 2012

Cijfer 3

– On Thursday, March 22 there will be a lecture given by Prof.. Dr. Robert J. Meyers to the employees of Novadic-Kentron, at the main location Vught.

– On Friday, March 23 in the morning there will be a mini-conference held for employees of IrisZorg, location Pigeons (A12).

– Also that afternoon there will be a CRA “invitational conference” given on the application of this treatment in clinical forensic mental health (FPA Kompas and the Pompestichting). This is organized by Pro Personas in Wolfheze.

The American ACRA manual was translated into Dutch

Nederlandse vertaling ACRA handboek

On Wednesday 21 September in Bloomington, in the state of Ilinois, the Dutch translation of the ACRA manual issued to Susan and Mark Godley. This ceremony took place at Chestnut Health Systems by Peter Greeven and Hendrik Roozen. Click on this link to the Dutch public domain version.

CRA interview with Robert J. Meyers: Why CRA?

Bob Meyers

On 30 January this year, Robert J. Meyers, founder of CRA, A-CRA and CRAFT interviewed by Hendrik Roozen in Dublin, Ireland. The interview is about the philosophy of CRA, the CRA process, and integration in various fields. Click this link to visit the page for the first episode …

Expanding the Framework of Treatment

In the American journal Alcohol Research & Health a new paper has become available on A-CRA, CRA & CRAFT. This paper is entitled: “The Community Reinforcement Approach: An Update of the Evidence” written by Meyers, Roozen & Smith and is printed in Vol 33 (4): 380-388. More>>>

Implementation A-CRA

A new article on the dissemination and implementation of A-CRA in the US has been published in the APA journal Clinical Psychology, Science and Practice by Godley et al (2011). Click on this link to obtain an abstract of the paper.

CRAFT Meta-analysis

A meta-analysis on Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), by Roozen et al. has recently been published in Addiction (October 2010). Also a commentary is run alongside it. Click on this link for more information.

CRA Articles


The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a comprehensive behavioral intervention for treating adults patients with substance- use problems. More>>>


Typically nearly anyone knows someone in his/her family who has an alcohol or drug problem. More>>>


The Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) targets youth 12 to 22 years old. More>>>